Big spatial and spatial-temporal data have been, and continue to be, collected with global positioning systems (GPS), mobile devices, citizen participation, high-resolution remote sensing, census surveys, and volunteered geographic information. The research in our lab focus on big data analytics and visualization through the development of new theory, methodology, tools, and applications to analyze big and complex spatial data, acquire new insights and knowledge, and support decision and policy making. We have been conducting research in the following closely related areas (for each you may find related publications and software on this site):

  • Developing new computational, visual analytical, and statistical methods to process, analyze, and understand big geospatial and temporal data;
  • Addressing science and application problems concerning the environment, society, and humanities such as climate, public health, security, migration, transportation, urban planning and linguistics.

To Prospective Graduate Students: We are always looking for talented graduate students. The Department of Geography at University of South Carolina is among the strongest geography programs in the U.S. (top 10 in the NRC survey), where you can work with world-renowned scholars. Please follow the procedure to apply.

IEEE TVCG publication: “Origin-Destination Flow Data Smoothing and Mapping


  • You are invited to participate in a usability test for flow mapping, where you will be presented a series of flow maps and answer a number of questions. 
  • With the iRedistrict redistricting software, you can design professional and high-quality redistricting plans easily. iRedidstrict Online will be released soon.

AAG 2015 CFP: Spatial Data Mining and Big Data Analytics

Big and dynamic spatial data have been, and continue to be, collected with modern data acquisition techniques such as global positioning systems (GPS), high-resolution remote sensing, census surveys, and internet-based volunteered geographic information.

Editorial Board, Cartography and GIS

Dr. Guo serves on the editorial board of the journal Cartography and Geographic Information Science, which is the the official publication of the Cartography and Geographic Information Society

AAG 2013 Special Sessions

Dr. Guo is organizing six special sessions on Spatio-Temporal Data Mining and Visualization at the 2013 AAG Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, CA. Please consider joining us at the meeting!

Editorial Board, Transactions in GIS

Dr. Diansheng Guo will serve on the Editorial Board of Transactions in GIS, from January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2014. Transactions in GIS is an international journal that publishes original research articles in geographic information science.