REDCAP: Regionalization with Constrained Clustering and Partitioning

Regionalization is to divide a large set of spatial objects into a number of spatially contiguous regions while optimizing an objective function, which is normally a homogeneity (or heterogeneity) measure of the derived regions. This software package includes a family of four hierarchical regionalization methods, which are based on three agglomerative clustering approaches, including the single linkage, average linkage (ALK), complete linkage (CLK), and the WARD's method. The Ward's, Full-Order-ALK, and the Full-Orde-CLK methods all can produce significantly better results than existing approaches. For a specific application context, it is recommended that these three methods are applied and compared.

Related Publication: 
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Java is needed to run the following software. You can verify if Java is already installed on your computer at this link:

A new version of REDCAP with smoothing has just been released. 

  • API methods and a manual are added, which you can use to integrate REDCAP with your program or run REDCAP in a batch mode. (To obtain the API package, please contact
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