SOMVIS: Multivariate Mapping and Visualization

SomVis is an integrated software tool that is able to: (1) perform multivariate analysis, dimensional reduction, and data reduction (summarizing a large number of input data items in a moderate number of clusters) with the Self-Organizing Map (SOM); (2) encode theSOM result with a systematically designed color scheme; (3) visualize the multivariate patterns with a modified Parallel Coordinate Plot (PCP) display and a geographic map (GeoMap); and (4) support human interactions to explore and examine patterns. Computational and visual methods, once combined together, can mitigate each other’s weakness and collaboratively discover complex patterns in large geographic datasets, in an effective and efficient way.

Multivariate mapping of global climate change, see Jin and Guo. (2009) and Guo, D. (2009).

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